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Editorial Introduction

Zwass, Vladimir

Special Section: Information and Competitive Strategy in a Networked Economy

Kauffman, Robert J, Weber, Thomas A, and Wu, D J

Network Positions and Contributions to Online Public Goods: The Case of Chinese Wikipedia

Zhang, Xiaoquan and Wang, Chong

Content Contribution for Revenue Sharing and Reputation in Social Media: A Dynamic Structural Model

Tang, Qian, Gu, Bin, and Whinston, Andrew B

Hacker Behavior, Network Effects, and the Security Software Market

Dey, Debabrata, Lahiri, Atanu, and Zhang, Guoying

Co-opetition Between Differentiated Platforms in Two-Sided Markets

Mantena, Ravi and Saha, Rajib L

Theory and Analysis of Company-Sponsored Value Co-Creation

Chen, Li, Marsden, James R, and Zhang, Zhongju

A Data-Driven Approach to Measure Web Site Navigability

Fang, Xiao, Hu, Paul Jen-Hwa, Chau, Michael, Hu, Han-Fen, Yang, Zhuo, and Sheng, Olivia R Liu

Hybrid Relational-Contractual Governance for Business Process Outsourcing

Rai, Arun, Keil, Mark, Hornyak, Rob, and W├╝llenweber, Kim

Dual Role of IT-Assisted Communication in Patient Care: A Validated Structure-Process-Outcome Framework

Angst, Corey M, Devaraj, Sarv, and D'Arcy, John

Understanding Contingencies Associated with the Early Adoption of Customer-Facing Web Portals

Baird, Aaron, Furukawa, Michael F, and Raghu, T S

Resource Structuring or Capability Building?: An Empirical Study of the Business Value of Information Technology

Wang, Nianxin, Liang, Huigang, Zhong, Weijun, Xue, Yajiong, and Xiao, Jinghua

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