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Editorial Introduction

Zwass, Vladimir

Global Perspectives on Information, Communication, and E-Commerce

Briggs, Robert O, Nunamaker Jr, Jay F, and Sprague Jr, Ralph H

Host Country Resource Availability and Information System Control Mechanisms in Multinational Corporations: An Empirical Test of Resource Dependence Theory

Rao, Madhu T, Brown, Carol V, and Perkins, William C

Interoperability of E-Government Information Systems: Issues of Identification and Data Sharing

Otjacques, Benoît, Hitzelberger, Patrik, and Feltz, Fernand

The Impact of Individualism--Collectivism, Social Presence, and Group Diversity on Group Decision Making Under Majority Influence

Dongsong, Zhang, Lowry, Paul Benjamin, Lina, Zhou, and Xiaolan, F U

Genre Combinations: A Window into Dynamic Communication Practices

Østerlund, Carsten

The Impact of Capabilities and Prior Investments on Online Channel Commitment and Performance

Hulland, John, Wade, Michael R, and Antia, Kersi D

On the Measurement of Ideation Quality

Reinig, Bruce A, Briggs, Robert O, and Nunamaker Jr, Jay F

Attention Issues in Spatial Information Systems: Directing Mobile Users' Visual Attention Using Augmented Reality

Biocca, Frank, Owen, Charles, Tang, Arthur, and Bohil, Corey

The Impact of Product, Market, and Relationship Characteristics on Interorganizational System Integration in Manufacturer--Supplier Dyads

Grover, Varun and Saeed, Khawaja A

Recommendation Agents for Electronic Commerce: Effects of Explanation Facilities on Trusting Beliefs

Weiquan, Wang and Benbasat, Izak

An Integrated Model of Consortium-Based E-Business Standardization: Collaborative Development and Adoption with Network Externalities

Zhao, Kexin, Mu, X I A, and Shaw, Michael J

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