Journal of Management Information Systems

Volume 23 Number 4 2007 pp. 53-80

The Impact of Individualism--Collectivism, Social Presence, and Group Diversity on Group Decision Making Under Majority Influence

Dongsong, Zhang, Lowry, Paul Benjamin, Lina, Zhou, and Xiaolan, F U

ABSTRACT: Majority influence is the attempt by a majority of group members to impose their common position on group dissenters during group decision making. Because of globalization, the use of cross-cultural teams in group tasks is becoming increasingly common. The objective of this study was to investigate how national culture, social presence, and group diversity may affect majority influence in a group decision-making context. A total of 183 groups participated in a large-scale empirical experiment at multiple sites. The results show that the national culture of group minorities has a significant impact on majority influence and that the use of computer-mediated communication can reduce majority influence. The findings have both theoretical and practical implications for improving the outcome and the effectiveness of group decision making in cross-cultural environments.

Key words and phrases: CMC, computer-mediated communication (CMC), culture, group decision making, group decision systems, group diversity, majority influence, social presence, virtual teams