Journal of Management Information Systems (JMIS) is a top-tier scholarly journal aiming to advance the understanding and practice of information systems.

JMIS is published quarterly by Taylor & Francis.

Editorial Introduction

Zwass, Vladimir

Organizational Crisis Management Systems: Planning for Intelligent Action

Nunamaker Jr, Jay F, Weber, E Sue, and Chen, Minder

Toward the Design of Robust Information Systems

El Sawy, Omar A and Nanus, Burt

Social Determinants of Information Systems Use

Robertson, David C

Adopting Systems Development Methods: An Exploratory Study

Kozar, Kenneth A

Organizational Support for Decision Support Systems

Watson, Hugh J, Lipp, Astrid, Jackson, Pamela Z, Dahmani, Abdelhafid, and Fredenberger, William B

The Use of Critical Success Factors in Evaluation of Information Systems: A Case Study

Bergeron, Francois and Begin, Clermont

The Graduate MIS Course in the Schools and Colleges of Business

Gupta, Jatinder N D and Seeborg, Irmtraud S

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