Journal of Management Information Systems

Volume 5 Number 4 1989 pp. 33-54

Toward the Design of Robust Information Systems

El Sawy, Omar A and Nanus, Burt

ABSTRACT: Current design approaches are not focused on yielding computer-based information systems which are robust to rapidly changing environments. The 1990s are bringing with them an increasing inter-organizational locus of information systems, a tighter coupling of information systems to strategic management, and an increasing turbulence of operational environments. In combination, these factors are making robustness under dynamic conditions a key effectiveness requirement of many large computer-based information systems. Coming from a strategic planning perspective, this paper explores the challenge of designing robust information systems and suggests some prescriptive guidelines for improving the process.

Key words and phrases: robust information systems, information systems design methodology, futures research, information requirements analysis, information systems strategic planning, information systems maintenance, information systems evolution