Journal of Management Information Systems (JMIS) is a top-tier scholarly journal aiming to advance the understanding and practice of information systems.

JMIS is published quarterly by Taylor & Francis.

Editorial Introduction

Zwass, Vladimir

Organization Support Systems: Bridging Business and Decision Processes

Fedorowicz, Jane and Konsynski, Benn

A Framework for Linking the Structure of Information Systems with Organizational Requirements for Information Sharing

Lee, Sunro and Leifer, Richard P

A Review of MIS Research and Disciplinary Development

Alavi, Maryam and Carlson, Patricia

Measuring Performance of the Information Systems Function

Saunders, Carol S and Jones, Jack William

Impact of the CEO's Participation on Information Systems Steering Committees

Raghunathan, T S

Implementation and Use of Expert Systems in Organizations: Perceptions of Knowledge Engineers. (English)

Byrd, Terry Anthony

The Analysis and Design of Embedded Knowledge-based Systems Using Box Structure Methods

Basu, Amit and Hevner, Alan R

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