Journal of Management Information Systems

Volume 8 Number 4 1992 pp. 45-62

A Review of MIS Research and Disciplinary Development

Alavi, Maryam and Carlson, Patricia

ABSTRACT: The current study focuses on the development of MIS as a field of research and inquiry and examines its intellectual evolution. These issues are addressed through a systematic examination and analysis of 908 MIS articles published between 1968 and 1988 in eight core journals. The articles were analyzed for themes, topics, and research approach. The findings identify popular research topics, the dominant research perspective, and the relationship between MIS research and practice. The popular research topics consist of: IS management, information systems types and characteristics, and development and operation of systems. The dominant research perspective employed in almost all of the empirical articles included in the study can be characterized as a traditional approach reflecting a positivist orientation.

Key words and phrases: MIS as discipline, MIS journals, MIS research