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Editorial Introduction

Zwass, Vladimir

Special Section: Strategic and Competitive Information Systems

Weber, Bruce W and Clemons, Eric K

Evaluating Alternative Information Regimes in the Private Health Insurance Industry: Managing the Social Cost of Private Information

Clemons, Eric K and Thatcher, Matt E

Competing in Information-Intensive Services: Analyzing the Impact of Task Consolidation and Employee Empowerment

Seidmann, Abraham and Sundararajan, Arun

Next-Generation Securities Market Systems: An Experimental Investigation of Quote-Driven and Order-Driven Trading

Schwartz, Robert A and Weber, Bruce W

Information Technology and Internal Firm Organization: An Exploratory Analysis

Hitt, Lorin M and Brynjolfsson, Erik

Exploring the Difficulties of Learning Object-Oriented Techniques

Sheetz, Steven D, Irwin, Gretchen, Tegarden, David P, Nelson, H James, and Monarchi, David E

Successful Strategies for User Participation in Systems Development

McKeen, James D and Guimaraes, Tor

Destination Information Systems: Design Issues and Directions

Hong-Mei, Chen and Sheldon, Pauline J

Environmental Scanning for Information Technology: An Empirical Investigation

Maier, Jerry L, Rainer Jr, R Kelly, and Snyder, Charles A

Performance Evaluation of Neural Network Decision Models

Jain, Bharat A and Nag, Barin N

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