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Editorial Introduction

Zwass, Vladimir

Applied Science Research in Information Systems: The Last Research Mile

Briggs, Robert O, Nunamaker Jr, Jay F, and Sprague Jr, Ralph H

Embodied Conversational Agent--Based Kiosk for Automated Interviewing

Nunamaker Jr, Jay F, Derrick, Douglas C, Elkins, Aaron C, Burgoon, Judee K, and Patton, Mark W

A Global Model of Technological Utilization Based on Governmental, Business-Investment, Social and Economic Factors

Pick, James B and Rasool, Azari

Changing the Perspective: Using a Cognitive Model to Improve thinkLets for Ideation

Knoll, Stefan Werner and Horton, Graham

Information Technology Spillover and Productivity: The Role of Information Technology Intensity and Competition

Kunsoo, Han, Young Bong, Chang, and Jungpil, Hahn

Cultural Signifers of Web Site Images

Zahedi, Fatemeh Mariam and Gaurav, Bansal

Effects of Automated and Participative Decision Support in Computer-Aided Credibility Assessment

Jensen, Matthew L, Lowry, Paul Benjamin, and Jenkins, Jeffrey L

User Acceptance of Agile Information Systems: A Model and Empirical Test

Weiyin, Hong, Thong, James Y L, Chasalow, Lewis C, and Dhillon, Gurpreet

The Role of Communication and Trust in Global Virtual Teams: A Social Network Perspective

Saonee, Sarker, Manju, Ahuja, Suprateek, Sarker, and Kirkeby, Sarah

Cognitive Conflict and Consensus Generation in Virtual Teams During Knowledge Capture: Comparative Effectiveness of Techniques

Ananth, Chiravuri, Nazareth, Derek L, and Ramamurthy, K

The Influence of Virtuality on Social Networks Within and Across Work Groups: A Multilevel Approach

Ayoung, Suh, Kyung-Shik, Shin, Manju, Ahuja, and Min Soo, Kim

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