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Editorial Introduction

Zwass, Vladimir

Special Section: Cognitive Reapportionment and the Art of Letting Go: A Theoretical Framework for the Allocation of Decision Rights

Konsynski, Benn R, Kathuria, Abhishek, and Karhade, Prasanna P

Understanding the Unintended Effects of Human-Machine Moderation in Addressing Harassment within Online Communities

Nguyen, An, Rai, Arun, and Maruping, Likoebe

Competition and Cognition in the Market for Online News

Ray, Abhishek, Ghasemkhani, Hossein, and Martinelli, Cesar

The Effect of Digital Platform Strategies on Firm Value in the Banking Industry

Schreieck, Maximilian, Huang, Yongli, Kupfer, Alexander, and Krcmar, Helmut

Abnormal Returns to Artificial Intelligence Patent Infringement Litigations

Teli, John Sudeep, Rai, Arun, and Lin, Yu-Kai

Knowledge-Aware Learning Framework Based on Schema Theory to Complement Large Learning Models

Xia, Long, Shen, Wenqi, Fan, Weiguo, and Wang, G Alan

Cash or Non-Cash? Exploring Ideators’ Incentive Preferences in Crowdsourcing Contests

Riedl, Christoph, Füller, Johann, Hutter, Katja, and Tellis, Gerard J

Role of “Likes” and “Dislikes” in Influencing User Behaviors on Social Media

Turel, Ofir and Qahri-Saremi, Hamed

Depression Detection Using Digital Traces on Social Media: A Knowledge-aware Deep Learning Approach

Zhang, Wenli, Xie, Jiaheng, Zhang, Zhu (Drew), and Liu, Xiang

Impact of Government Outsourcing Contracts on High-Tech Vendors: An Empirical Study

Dong, Yi, Hu, Nan, Ji, Yonghua, Ni, Chenkai, and Xie, Jing

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