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Editorial Introduction

Zwass, Vladimir

AI Agents as Team Members: Effects on Satisfaction, Conflict, Trustworthiness, and Willingness to Work With

Dennis, Alan R, Lakhiwal, Akshat, and Sachdeva, Agrim

Software-Vendor Diversification: A Source of Organizational Rigidity in Adversity?

Gong, Jing, Liang, Yi, and Ramasubbu, Narayan

Who Should Own the Data? The Impact of Data Ownership Shift from the Service Provider to Consumers

Li, Shilei, Liu, Yang, and Feng, Juan

Explaining the Outcomes of Social Gamification: A Longitudinal Field Experiment

Zhang, Jun, Jiang, Qiqi, Zhang, Wenping, Kang, Lele, Lowry, Paul Benjamin, and Zhang, Xiong

Do Risk Preferences Shape the Effect of Online Trading on Trading Frequency, Volume, and Portfolio Performance?

Pan, Yang, Mithas, Sunil, Po-An Hsieh, JJ, and Liu, Che-Wei

Maximizing Online Revisiting and Purchasing: A Clickstream-Based Approach to Enhancing Customer Lifetime Value

Jabr, Wael, Ghoshal, Abhijeet, Cheng, Yichen, and Pavlou, Paul

Situational Contingencies in Susceptibility of Social Media to Phishing: A Temptation and Restraint Model

Qahri-Saremi, Hamed and Turel, Ofir

Unbox the Black-Box: Predict and Interpret YouTube Viewership Using Deep Learning

Xie, Jiaheng, Chai, Yidong, and Liu, Xiao

Thinking Fast and Thinking Slow: Digital Devices’ Effects on Cognitive Reflection

Figl, Kathrin and Remus, Ulrich

Deep Learning-Based Imputation Method to Enhance Crowdsourced Data on Online Business Directory Platforms for Improved Services

Xu, Da, Hu, Paul Jen-Hwa, and Fang, Xiao

SocioLink: Leveraging Relational Information in Knowledge Graphs for Startup Recommendations

Xu, Ruiyun, Chen, Hailiang, and Zhao, J Leon

Token Incentives in a Volatile Crypto Market: The Effects of Token Price Volatility on User Contribution

Chen, Kun, Fan, Yifan, and Liao, Shaoyi Stephen

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