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Editorial Introduction

Zwass, Vladimir

Controlling Technical Debt Remediation in Outsourced Enterprise Systems Maintenance: An Empirical Analysis

Ramasubbu, Narayan and Kemerer, Chris F

How Firms Make Information Technology Investment Decisions: Toward a Behavioral Agency Theory

Dong, John Qi, Karhade, Prasanna P, Rai, Arun, and Xu, Sean Xin

Impact of Incentive Mechanism in Online Referral Programs: Evidence from Randomized Field Experiments

Jung, Jaehwuen, Bapna, Ravi, Gupta, Alok, and Sen, Soumya

Mitigating the Adverse Effect of Monetary Incentives on Voluntary Contributions Online

Qiao, Dandan, Lee, Shun-Yang, Whinston, Andrew B, and Wei, Qiang

How Information and Communication Technology Shapes the Influence of Culture on Innovation: A Country-level Analysis

Saldanha, Terence JV, John-Mariadoss, Babu, Wu, Michelle Xiao, and Mithas, Sunil

The Empowering and Competition Effects of the Platform-Based Sharing Economy on the Supply and Demand Sides of the Labor Market

Li, Ziru, Hong, Yili, and Zhang, Zhongju

Unveiling the Hidden Truth of Drug Addiction: A Social Media Approach Using Similarity Network-Based Deep Learning

Xie, Jiaheng, Zhang, Zhu, Liu, Xiao, and Zeng, Daniel

The Effectiveness of Social Norms in Fighting Fake News on Social Media

Gimpel, Henner, Heger, Sebastian, Olenberger, Christian, and Utz, Lena

The Roles of IT Strategies and Security Investments in Reducing Organizational Security Breaches

Li, He, Yoo, Sungjin, and Kettinger, William J

Handling the Efficiency–Personalization Trade-Off in Service Robotics: A Machine-Learning Approach

Tofangchi, Schahin, Hanelt, André, Marz, David, and Kolbe, Lutz M

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