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Editorial Introduction

Zwass, Vladimir

Special Section: The Growing Complexity of Enterprise Software

Briggs, Robert O and Nunamaker, Jay F

Decision Problems in Blockchain Governance: Old Wine in New Bottles or Walking in Someone Else’s Shoes?

Ziolkowski, Rafael, Miscione, Gianluca, and Schwabe, Gerhard

Idea Convergence Quality in Open Innovation Crowdsourcing: A Cognitive Load Perspective

Cheng, Xusen, Fu, Shixuan, de Vreede, Triparna, De Vreede, Gert-Jan, Seeber, Isabella, Maier, Ronald, and Weber, Barbara

Too Busy to Be Manipulated: How Multitasking with Technology Improves Deception Detection in Collaborative Teamwork

Twyman, Nathan W, Proudfoot, Jeffrey G, Cameron, Ann-Frances, Case, Eric, Burgoon, Judee K, and Twitchell, Douglas P

In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts: Multi-Level Theory for Supplier Participation on Digital Platforms

Kathuria, Abhishek, Karhade, Prasanna P, and Konsynski, Benn R

Effectiveness of Location-Based Advertising and the Impact of Interface Design

Molitor, Dominik, Spann, Martin, Ghose, Anindya, and Reichhart, Philipp

Human Identification for Activities of Daily Living: A Deep Transfer Learning Approach

Zhu, Hongyi, Samtani, Sagar, Chen, Hsinchun, and Nunamaker, Jay F

Herding and Software Adoption: A Re-Examination Based on Post-Adoption Software Discontinuance

Zhao, Xia, Tian, Jing, and Xue, Ling

Effect of Crowd Voting on Participation in Crowdsourcing Contests

Chen, Liang, Xu, Pei, and Liu, De

Temporal Effects of Repeated Recognition and Lack of Recognition on Online Community Contributions

Bhattacharyya, Samadrita, Banerjee, Shankhadeep, Bose, Indranil, and Kankanhalli, Atreyi

A Novel Recommendation Model for Online-to-Offline Service Based on the Customer Network and Service Location

Pan, Yuchen and Wu, Desheng

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