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Editorial Introduction

Zwass, Vladimir

Estimating Network Effects in Two-Sided Markets

Hinz, Oliver, Otter, Thomas, and Skiera, Bernd

Digital Nudging: Numeric and Semantic Priming in E-Commerce

Dennis, Alan R, Yuan, Lingyao (Ivy), Feng, Xuan, Webb, Eric, and Hsieh, Christine J

The Nature of Crowd Work and its Effects on Individuals’ Work Perception

Durward, David, Blohm, Ivo, and Leimeister, Jan Marco

A Generational Perspective on the Software Workforce: Precocious Users of Social Networking in Software Development

Ghobadi, Shahla and Mathiassen, Lars

Using Design-Science Based Gamification to Improve Organizational Security Training and Compliance

Silic, Mario and Lowry, Paul Benjamin

Prominence and Engagement: Different Mechanisms Regulating Continuance and Contribution in Online Communities

Kuem, Jungwon, Khansa, Lara, and Kim, Sung S

Impact of Cyberattacks by Malicious Hackers on the Competition in Software Markets

Sen, Ravi, Verma, Ajay, and Heim, Gregory R

Managing Knowledge Distance: IT-Enabled Inter-Firm Knowledge Capabilities in Collaborative Innovation

Cui, Tingru, Tong, Yu, Teo, Hock-Hai, and Li, Jizhen

Fostering Value Creation with Digital Platforms: A Unified Theory of the Application Programming Interface Design

Wulf, Jochen and Blohm, Ivo

Mining Semantic Soft Factors for Credit Risk Evaluation in Peer-to-Peer Lending

Wang, Zhao, Jiang, Cuiqing, Zhao, Huimin, and Ding, Yong

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