Journal of Management Information Systems (JMIS) is a top-tier scholarly journal aiming to advance the understanding and practice of information systems.

JMIS is published quarterly by Taylor & Francis.

Editorial Introduction

Zwass, Vladimir

The Effect of Social Capital of the Relationship Between the CIO and Top Management Team on Firm Performance

Karahanna, Elena and Preston, David S

Sustainability of a Firm's Reputation for Information Technology Capability: The Role of Senior IT Executives

Lim, Jee-Hae, Stratopoulos, Theophanis C, and Wirjanto, Tony S

Information Technology and Productivity in Developed and Developing Countries

Dedrick, Jason, Kraemer, Kenneth L, and Shih, Eric

Managing Interdependent Information Security Risks: Cyberinsurance, Managed Security Services, and Risk Pooling Arrangements

Zhao, Xia, Xue, Ling, and Whinston, Andrew B

The Drivers in the Use of Online Whistle-Blowing Reporting Systems

Lowry, Paul Benjamin, Moody, Gregory D, Galletta, Dennis F, and Vance, Anthony

The Impact of Influence Tactics in Information System Development Projects: A Control-Loss Perspective

Narayanaswamy, Ravi, Grover, Varun, and Henry, Raymond M

Service-Oriented Methodology for Systems Development

Keith, Mark, Demirkan, Haluk, and Goul, Michael

A Test of Two Models of Value Creation in Virtual Communities

Porter, Constance Elise, Devaraj, Sarv, and Sun, Daewon

Credibility of Anonymous Online Product Reviews: A Language Expectancy Perspective

Jensen, Matthew L, Averbeck, Joshua M, Zhang, Zhu, and Wright, Kevin B

Risk Mitigation in Supply Chain Digitization: System Modularity and Information Technology Governance

Xue, Ling, Zhang, Cheng, Ling, Hong, and Zhao, Xia

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