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Special Issue: Impacts of Information Technology Investment on Organizational Performance

Mahmood, M Adam and Mann, Gary J

Considering Social Subsystem Costs and Benefits in Information Technology Investment Decisions: A View from the Field on Anticipated Payoffs

Ryan, Sherry D and Harrison, David A

Information Technology Payoff in the Health-Care Industry: A Longitudinal Study

Devaraj, Sarv and Kohli, Rajiv

A Framework for Assessing the Relationship Between Information Technology Investments and Firm Performance

Sircar, Sumit, Turnbow, Joe L, and Bordoloi, Bijoy

Information Technology Value Through Different Normative Lenses

Lee, Byungtae and Menon, Nirup M

Discovering Potential and Realizing Value from Information Technology Investments

Davern, Michael J and Kauffman, Robert J

Executives' Perceptions of the Business Value of Information Technology: A Process-Oriented Approach

Tallon, Paul P, Kraemer, Kenneth L, and Gurbaxani, Vijay

Relating Benefits from Using IS to an Organization's Operating Characteristics: Interpreting Results from Two Countries

Ragowsky, Arik, Stern, Myles, and Adams, Dennis A

Strategic Payoff from EDI as a Function of EDI Embeddedness

Chatfield, Akemi Takeoka and Yetton, Philip

IT Value: The Great Divide Between Qualitative and Quantitative and Individual and Organizational Measures

Chan, Yolande E

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