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Editorial Introduction

Zwass, Vladimir

Special Section: Strategic and Competitive Information Systems

Clemons, Eric K and Weber, Bruce W

Interorganizational Business Process Redesign: Merging Technological and Process Innovation

Clark, Theodore H and Stoddard, Donna B

Analyzing Cost-Effectiveness of Organizations: The Impact of Information Technology Spending

Mitra, Sabyasachi and Chayam, Antoine Karim

Market Dominance as a Precursor of a Firm's Failure: Emerging Technologies and the Competitive Advantage of New Entrants

Clemons, Eric K, Croson, David C, and Weber, Bruce W

A Comparison of the Structural Contingency and Risk-Based Perspectives on Coordination in Software-Development Projects

Nidumolu, Sarma R

Organizational Learning during Advanced System Development: Opportunities and Obstacles

Stein, Eric W and Vandenbosch, Betty

Cognitive Fit in Requirements Modeling: A Study of Object and Process Methodologies

Agarwal, Ritu, Sinha, Atish P, and Tanniru, Mohan R

Dynamic Price Elasticity and the Diffusion of Mainframe Computing

Kar Yan, Tam

An Empirical Assessment of a Modified Technology Acceptance Model

Chau, Patrick Y K

A Structural Model for CASE Adoption Behavior

Rai, Arun and Patnayakuni, Ravi

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