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Editorial Introduction

Zwass, Vladimir

Novelty-Knowledge Alignment: A Theory of Design Convergence in Systems Development

Tiwana, Amrit

The Effect of an Initial Budget and Schedule Goal on Software Project Escalation

Lee, Jong Seok, Keil, Mark, and Kasi, Vijay

What's the Weather Like?: The Effect of Team Learning Climate, Empowerment Climate, and Gender on Individuals' Technology Exploration and Use

Maruping, Likoebe M and Magni, Massimo

Contract Performance in Offshore Systems Development: Role of Control Mechanisms

Srivastava, Shirish C and Teo, Thompson S H

The Impact of Information Technology Investments on Downside Risk of the Firm: Alternative Measurement of the Business Value of IT

Otim, Samual, Dow, Kevin E, Grover, Varun, and Wong, Jeffrey A

Vertical Differentiation and a Comparison of Online Advertising Models

Lin, Mei, Ke, Xuqing, and Whinston, Andrew B

Differential Effects of Provider Recommendations and Consumer Reviews in E-Commerce Transactions: An Experimental Study

Benlian, Alexander, Titah, Ryad, and Hess, Thomas

Attracted to or Locked In?: Predicting Continuance Intention in Social Virtual World Services

Zhou, Zhongyun, Fang, Yulin, Vogel, Douglas R, Jin, Xiao-Ling, and Zhang, Xi

The Effects of Self-Regulated Learning Processes on E-Learning Outcomes in Organizational Settings

Wan, Zeying, Compeau, Deborah, and Haggerty, Nicole

Cost-Sensitive Learning via Priority Sampling to Improve the Return on Marketing and CRM Investment

Cui, Geng, Wong, Man Leung, and Wan, Xiang

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