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JMIS is published quarterly by Taylor & Francis.

Editorial Introduction

Zwass, Vladimir

Relational Antecedents of Information Flow Integration for Supply Chain Coordination

Patnayakuni, Ravi, Rai, Arun, and Seth, Nainika

Understanding Business Process Change Failure: An Actor-Network Perspective

Sarker, Suprateek, Sarker, Saonee, and Sidorova, Anna

Web Documents' Cultural Masculinity and Femininity

Zahedi, Fatemeh, Van Pelt, William V, and Srite, Mark

Consumer Search and Retailer Strategies in the Presence of Online Music Sharing

Bhattacharjee, Sudip, Gopal, Ram D, Lertwachara, Kaveepan, and Marsden, James R

Market Segmentation Within Consolidated E-Markets: A Generalized Combinatorial Auction Approach

Jones, Joni L, Easley, Robert F, and Koehler, Gary J

How Hypertext Links Influence Consumer Perceptions to Build and Degrade Trust Online

Stewart, Katherine J

Buyers' Choice of Online Search Strategy and Its Managerial Implications

Sen, Ravi, King, Ruth C, and Shaw, Michael J

On the Valuation of Multistage Information Technology Investments Embedding Nested Real Options

Benaroch, Michel, Shah, Sandeep, and Jeffery, Mark

ERP Misfit: Country of Origin and Organizational Factors

Wang, Eric T G, Klein, Gary, and Jiang, James J

Information Processing Design Choices, Strategy, and Risk Management Performance

Fairbank, James F, Labianca, Giuseppe, Steensma, H Kevin, and Metters, Richard

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