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Editorial Introduction

Zwass, Vladimir

Special Section: Navigation in Information-Intensive Environments

Isakowitz, Tomas and Bieber, Michael

Inter Shop: Enhancing the Vendor/Customer Dialectic in Electronic Shopping

Baty Ii, James B and Lee, Ronald M

A Model-Driven Approach to Accessing Managerial Information: The Development of a Repository-Based Executive Information System

Chen, Minder

Making Large-Scale Information Resources Serve Communities of Practice

Marshall, Catherine C, Shipman Iii, Frank M, and McCall, Raymond J

Testing the Determinants of Microcomputer Usage via a Structural Equation Model

Igbaria, Magid, Guimaraes, Tor, and Davis, Gordon B

Computer Support for Group Work: Perceptions of the Usefulness of Support Scenarios and End-User Tools

Satzinger, John W and Olfman, Lorne

Element Finding: The Impact of a Group Support System on a Crucial Phase of Sense Making

Massey, Anne P and Clapper, Danial L

An Empirical Taxonomy of the Decision- Making Processes Concerning Strategic Applications of Information Systems

Sabherwal, Rajiv and King, William R

Strategic Information Systems and Financial Performance

Brown, Robert M, Gatian, Amy W, and Hicks Jr, James O

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