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Special Issue: Decision-Making and a Hierarchy of Understanding

Briggs, Robert O, De Vreede, Gert-Jan, Nunamaker Jr, Jay F, and Sprague Jr, Ralph H

Toward Virtual Community Knowledge Evolution

Bieber, Michael, Engelbart, Douglas, Furuta, Richard, Hiltz, Starr Roxanne, Noll, John, Preece, Jennifer, Stohr, Edward A, Turoff, Murray, and Van de Walle, Bartel

Performance-Centered Design of Knowledge-Intensive Processes

Massey, Anne P, Montoya-Weiss, Mitzi M, and O'Driscoll, Tony M

An Examination of the Impact of Stimuli Type and GSS Structure on Creativity: Brainstorming Versus Non-Brainstorming Techniques in a GSS Environment

Hender, Jillian M, Dean, Douglas L, Rodgers, Thomas L, and Nunamaker Jr, Jay F

Contents Matching Defined by Prototypes: Methodology Verification with Books of the Bible

Visa, Ari, Toivonen, Jarmo, Vanharanta, Hannu, and Back, Barbro

Operational Knowledge Representation for Practical Decision-Making

Pomerol, Jean-Charles, Brezillon, Patrick, and Pasquier, Laurent

Asynchronous Collaboration Around Multimedia Applied to On-Demand Education

Bargeron, David, Grudin, Jonathan, Gupta, Anoop, Sanocki, Elizabeth, Li, Francis, and Leetiernan, Scott

Training for Crisis Decision-Making: Psychological Issues and Computer-Based Solutions

Sniezek, Janet A, Wilkins, David C, Wadlington, Patrick L, and Baumann, Michael R

Becoming a Virtual Professor: Pedagogical Roles and Asynchronous Learning Networks

Coppola, Nancy Walters, Hiltz, Starr Roxanne, and Rotter, Naomi G

Examining a Model of Information Technology Acceptance by Individual Professionals: An Exploratory Study

Chau, Patrick Y K and Hu, Paul J

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