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Special Issue: Information Systems in Services

Bardhan, Indranil R, Demirkan, Haluk, Kannan, P K, and Kauffman, Robert J

An Interdisciplinary Perspective on IT Services Management and Service Science

Bardhan, Indranil R, Demirkan, Haluk, Kannan, P K, Kauffman, Robert J, and Sougstad, Ryan

Connecting IT Services Operations to Services Marketing Practices

Montoya, Mitzi M, Massey, Anne P, and Khatri, Vijay

Multitask Agency, Modular Architecture, and Task Disaggregation in SaaS

Susarla, Anjana, Barua, Anitesh, and Whinston, Andrew B

Coordination Strategies in an SaaS Supply Chain

Demirkan, Haluk, Cheng, Hsing K, and Bandyopadhyay, Subhajyoti

Understanding the Economic Potential of Service-Oriented Architecture

Mueller, Benjamin, Viering, Goetz, Legner, Christine, and Riempp, Gerold

Managers' Judgments of Performance in IT Services Outsourcing

Ramachandran, Vandana and Gopal, Anandasivam

A Service Science Perspective on Strategic Choice, IT, and Performance in U.S. Banking

Tallon, Paul P

Implementing Service-Oriented Architecture in Organizations

Choi, Jae, Nazareth, Derek L, and Jain, Hemant K

Demand Information Sharing in Heterogeneous IT Services Environments

Sen, Sagnika, Raghu, T S, and Vinze, Ajay S

Should We Go Our Own Way?: Backsourcing Flexibility in IT Services Contracts

Benaroch, Michel, Dai, Qizhi, and Kauffman, Robert J

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