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Editorial Introduction

Zwass, Vladimir

Special Section: Digital Economy and Information Technology Value

Clemons, Eric K, Dewan, Rajiv M, and Kauffman, Robert J

Information Technology, Production Process Outsourcing, and Manufacturing Plant Performance

Bardhan, Indranil, Whitaker, Jonathan, and Mithas, Sunil

A Virtual Integration Theory of Improved Supply-Chain Performance

Wang, Eric T G, Tai, Jeffrey C F, and Wei, Hsaio-Lan

Systems Design, Process Performance, and Economic Outcomes in International Banking

Davamanirajan, Prabu, Kauffman, Robert J, Kriebel, Charles H, and Mukhopadhyay, Tridas

Network Effects and Technology Licensing with Fixed Fee, Royalty, and Hybrid Contracts

Lin, Lihui and Kulatilaka, Nalin

Analyzing Complementarities Using Software Stacks for Software Industry Acquisitions

Gao, Lucia Silva and Iyer, Bala

When Online Reviews Meet Hyperdifferentiation: A Study of the Craft Beer Industry

Clemons, Eric K, Gao, Guodong Gordon, and Hitt, Lorin M

Accommodating Individual Preferences in the Categorization of Documents: A Personalized Clustering Approach

Wei, Chih-Ping, Chiang, Roger H L, and Wu, Chia-Chen

Consumer Perceptions and Willingness to Pay for Intrinsically Motivated Online Content

Lopes, Alexandre B and Galletta, Dennis F

Do I Trust You Online, and If So, Will I Buy?: An Empirical Study of Two Trust-Building Strategies

Lim, Kai H, Sia, Choon-Ling, Lee, Matthew K O, and Benbasat, Izak

Information Systems Success in the Context of Different Corporate Cultural Types: An Empirical Investigation

Bradley, Randy V, Pridmore, Jeannie L, and Byrd, Terry Anthony

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