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Special Issue: Trust in Online Environments

Benbasat, Izak, Gefen, David, and Pavlou, Paul A

Self-Perception-Based Versus Transference-Based Trust Determinants in Computer-Mediated Transactions: A Cross-Cultural Comparison Study

Kim, Dan J

Modeling Web Site Design Across Cultures: Relationships to Trust, Satisfaction, and E-Loyalty

Cyr, Dianne

Examining Trust in Information Technology Artifacts: The Effects of System Quality and Culture

Vance, Anthony, Elie-Dit-Cosaque, Christophe, and Straub, Detmar W

Establishing Trust in Electronic Commerce Through Online Word of Mouth: An Examination Across Genders

Awad, Neveen F and Ragowsky, Arik

In Justice We Trust: Predicting User Acceptance of E-Customer Services

Turel, Ofir, Yuan, Yufei, and Connelly, Catherine E

Gaining Trust Through Online Privacy Protection: Self-Regulation, Mandatory Standards, or Caveat Emptor

Tang, Zhulei, Hu, Y U, and Smith, Michael D

Online Reverse Auctions and the Dynamics of Trust

Charki, Mohamed HÉDi and Josserand, Emmanuel

Explaining and Predicting the Impact of Branding Alliances and Web Site Quality on Initial Consumer Trust of E-Commerce Web Sites

Lowry, Paul Benjamin, Vance, Anthony, Moody, Gregory D, Beckman, Bryan, and Read, Aaron

Dynamics of Trust Revision: Using Health Infomediaries

Zahedi, Fatemeh Mariam and Song, Jaeki

Attributions of Trust in Decision Support Technologies: A Study of Recommendation Agents for E-Commerce

Wang, Weiquan and Benbasat, Izak

A Research Agenda for Trust in Online Environments

Gefen, David, Benbasat, Izak, and Pavlou, Paul A

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