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Editorial Introduction

Zwass, Vladimir

Perceived Fairness of Human Managers Compared with Artificial Intelligence in Employee Performance Evaluation

Qin, Shaojun (Marco), Jia, Nan, Luo, Xueming, Liao, Chengcheng, and Huang, Ziyao

Human–Artificial Intelligence Collaboration in Prediction: A Field Experiment in the Retail Industry

Revilla, Elena, Saenz, Maria Jesus, Seifert, Matthias, and Ma, Ye

Examining the Differential Effectiveness of Fear Appeals in Information Security Management Using Two-Stage Meta-Analysis

Lowry, Paul Benjamin, Moody, Gregory D, Parameswaran, Srikanth, and Brown, Nicholas James

Information Technology Innovativeness and Data-Breach Risk: A Longitudinal Study

Wang, Qian, Ngai, Eric W T, Pienta, Daniel, and Thatcher, Jason Bennett

Avatar-Mediated Communication and Social Identification

Teng, Ching-I, Dennis, Alan R, and Dennis, Alexander S

Foreignness Liability of Mobile App Startups: Examining Performance in the Context of Consumer and Investor Cultural Distances

Soh, Franck and Grover, Varun

Impact of Open-Source Community on Cryptocurrency Market Price: An Empirical Investigation

Petryk, Mariia, Qiu, Liangfei, and Pathak, Praveen

Impacts of Social Interactions and Peer Evaluations on Online Review Platforms

Yu, Yinan, Khern-am-nuai, Warut, Pinsonneault, Alain, and Wei, Zaiyan

Digitalization of Loyalty: Impacts of Mobile Technology on Reward Redemption and Engagement Level

Son, Yoonseock and Oh, Wonseok

Optimization of Dynamic Product Offerings on Online Marketplaces: A Network Theory Perspective

Zuo, Meihua, Angelopoulos, Spyros, Ou, Carol Xiaojuan, Liu, Hongwei, and Liang, Zhouyang

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