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Editorial Introduction

Zwass, Vladimir

Special Section: The Transformative Value of Cloud Computing: A Decoupling, Platformization, and Recombination Theoretical Framework

Benlian, Alexander, Kettinger, William J, Sunyaev, Ali, and Winkler, Till J

A Strategic Value Appropriation Path for Cloud Computing

Kathuria, Abhishek, Mann, Arti, Khuntia, Jiban, Saldanha, Terence JV, and Kauffman, Robert J

Key Affordances of Platform-as-a-Service: Self-Organization and Continuous Feedback

Krancher, Oliver, Luther, Pascal, and Jost, Marc

Harnessing the Power of the Cloud: Revenue, Fairness, and Cloud Neutrality

Joe-Wong, Carlee and Sen, Soumya

Special Section: The Digital Transformation of Vertical Organizational Relationships

Kauffman, Robert J and Weber, Thomas A

Doubly-Bound Relationship Between Publisher and Retailer: The Curious Mix of Wholesale and Agency Models

Kim, Antino

Role of Monetary Incentives in the Digital and Physical Inter-Border Labor Flows

Gong, Jing, Hong, Yili, and Zentner, Alejandro

Differential Innovativeness Outcomes of User and Employee Participation in an Online User Innovation Community

Yan, Jie (Kevin), Leidner, Dorothy E, and Benbya, Hind

Central Role of Moral Obligations in Determining Intentions to Engage in Digital Piracy

Hashim, Matthew J, Kannan, Karthik N, and Wegener, Duane T

Impact of Online Word of Mouth on Channel Disintermediation for Information Goods

Brian Lee, Ho Cheung and Li, Xinxin


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