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Editorial Introduction

Zwass, Vladimir

Special Issue: Designing Tools to Answer Great Information Systems Research Questions

Giboney, Justin Scott, Briggs, Robert O, and Nunamaker, Jay F

Understanding Information Systems Integration Deficiencies in Mergers and Acquisitions: A Configurational Perspective

Henningsson, Stefan and Kettinger, William J

Trust Development in Globally Distributed Collaboration: A Case of U.S. and Chinese Mixed Teams

Cheng, Xusen, Fu, Shixuan, and Druckenmiller, Douglas

A Friend Like Me: Modeling Network Formation in a Location-Based Social Network

Lee, Gene Moo, Qiu, Liangfei, and Whinston, Andrew B

Targeted Twitter Sentiment Analysis for Brands Using Supervised Feature Engineering and the Dynamic Architecture for Artificial Neural Networks

Ghiassi, Manoochehr, Zimbra, David, and Lee, Sean

Identifying and Profiling Key Sellers in Cyber Carding Community: AZSecure Text Mining System

Li, Weifeng, Chen, Hsinchun, and Nunamaker, Jay F

Problematic Use of Social Networking Sites: Antecedents and Consequence from a Dual-System Theory Perspective

Turel, Ofir and Qahri-Saremi, Hamed

Global Differences in Online Shopping Behavior: Understanding Factors Leading to Trust

Clemons, Eric K, Wilson, Josh, Matt, Christian, Hess, Thomas, Ren, Fei, Jin, Fujie, and Koh, Noi Sian

Examining Firms’ Green Information Technology Practices: A Hierarchical View of Key Drivers and Their Effects

Hu, Paul Jen-Hwa, Hu, Han-Fen, Wei, Chih-Ping, and Hsu, Pei-Fang

An Examination of Effective IT Governance in the Public Sector Using the Legal View of Agency Theory

Dawson, Gregory S, Denford, James S, Williams, Clay K, Preston, David, and Desouza, Kevin C

Technology Evaluation and Imitation: Do They Have Differential or Dichotomous Effects on ERP Adoption and Assimilation in China?

Lai, Vincent Siuking, Lai, Fujun, and Lowry, Paul Benjamin

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