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Editorial Introduction

Zwass, Vladimir

Special Section: Cognitive Perspectives on Information Systems

Briggs, Robert O

The Role of Self-Control in Information Security Violations: Insights from a Cognitive Neuroscience Perspective

Hu, Qing, West, Robert, and Smarandescu, Laura

The Behavioral Roots of Information Systems Security: Exploring Key Factors Related to Unethical IT Use

Chatterjee, Sutirtha, Sarker, Suprateek, and Valacich, Joseph S

Chasing Lemmings: Modeling IT-Induced Misperceptions About the Strategic Situation as a Reason for Flash Crashes

Brandt, Tobias and Neumann, Dirk

Enhancing Predictive Analytics for Anti-Phishing by Exploiting Website Genre Information

Abbasi, Ahmed, Zahedi, Fatemeh “Mariam”, Zeng, Daniel, Chen, Yan, Chen, Hsinchun, and Nunamaker, Jay F

Exploring Knowledge Filtering Processes in Electronic Networks of Practice

Fadel, Kelly J, Meservy, Thomas O, and Jensen, Matthew L

Bundling Effects on Variety Seeking for Digital Information Goods

Adomavicius, Gediminas, Bockstedt, Jesse, and Curley, Shawn P

Enticing and Engaging Consumers via Online Product Presentations: The Effects of Restricted Interaction Design

Yi, Cheng, Jiang, Zhenhui (Jack), and Benbasat, Izak

Impact of Recommender System on Competition Between Personalizing and Non-Personalizing Firms

Ghoshal, Abhijeet, Kumar, Subodha, and Mookerjee, Vijay

Are You Feeling Lonely? The Impact of Relationship Characteristics and Online Social Network Features on Loneliness

Matook, Sabine, Cummings, Jeff, and Bala, Hillol

Understanding the Influence of Instant Messaging on Ending Concessions During Negotiations

Johnson, Norman A and Cooper, Randolph B

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