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Editorial Introduction

Zwass, Vladimir

Special Issue: Economics of Electronic Commerce

Bapna, Ravi, Barua, Anitesh, and Whinston, Andrew B

Physical and Electronic Wholesale Markets: An Empirical Analysis of Product Sorting and Market Function

Overby, Eric and Mitra, Sabyasachi

Launching Successful E Markets: A Broker-Level Order-Routing Analysis of Two Options Exchanges

Parker, Chris and Weber, Bruce W

The Impact of Buy-Now Features in Pay-per-Bid Auctions

Reiner, Jochen, Natter, Martin, and Skiera, Bernd

Customized Bundling and Consumption Variety of Digital Information Goods

Bockstedt, Jesse C and Goh, Kim Huat

Determinants of Mobile Apps’ Success: Evidence from the App Store Market

Lee, Gunwoong, Raghu, T S, and Raghu, TS

Gifting and Status in Virtual Worlds

Goode, Sigi, Shailer, Greg, Wilson, Mark, and Jankowski, Jaroslaw

Digital Piracy, Teens, and the Source of Advice: An Experimental Study

Hashim, Matthew J, Kannan, Karthik N, Maximiano, Sandra, and Ulmer, Jackie Rees

Collaborative Demand Forecasting: Toward the Design of an Exception-Based Forecasting Mechanism

Dong, Yan, Huang, Xiaowen, Sinha, Kingshuk K, and Xu, Kefeng

Understanding Employee Responses to Stressful Information Security Requirements: A Coping Perspective

D’Arcy, John, Herath, Tejaswini, and Shoss, Mindy K

Relational Contracts, Growth Options, and Heterogeneous Beliefs: A Game-Theoretic Perspective on Information Technology Outsourcing

Li, Xiaotong

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