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Editorial Introduction

Zwass, Vladimir

Fact or Fiction?: A Sensemaking Perspective on the Reality Behind Executives' Perceptions of IT Business Value

Tallon, Paul P and Kraemer, Kenneth L

Organizational Buyers' Adoption and Use of B2B Electronic Marketplaces: Efficiency- and Legitimacy-Oriented Perspectives

Jai-Yeol, S O N and Benbasat, Izak

The Impact of ERP Implementation on Business Process Outcomes: A Factor-Based Study

Karimi, Jahangir, Somers, Toni M, and Bhattacherjee, Anol

Team Knowledge and Coordination in Geographically Distributed Software Development

Espinosa, J Alberto, Slaughter, Sandra A, Kraut, Robert E, and Herbsleb, James D

Postimplementation Knowledge Transfers to Users and Information Technology Professionals

Santhanam, Radhika, Seligman, Larry, and Kang, David

Broken Ties: The Impact of Organizational Restructuring on the Stability of Information-Processing Networks

Kwon, Dowan, Oh, Wonseok, and Jeon, Sangyong

A Strategic Analysis of Competition Between Open Source and Proprietary Software

Sen, Ravi

A Comparison of Transaction Cost, Agency, and Knowledge-Based Predictors of IT Outsourcing Decisions: A U.S.-Japan Cross-Cultural Field Study

Tiwana, Amrit and Bush, Ashley A

The Impact of Technostress on Role Stress and Productivity

Tarafdar, Monideepa, Qiang, T U, Ragu-Nathan, Bhanu S, and Ragu-Nathan, T S

Intrusion Prevention in Information Systems: Reactive and Proactive Responses

Yue, Wei T and Çakanyildirim, Metin

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