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Editorial Introduction

Zwass, Vladimir

Special Section: Measuring Business Value of Information Technology in E-Business Environments

Mahmood, M Adam, Kohli, Rajiv, and Devaraj, Sarv

Information Technology Payoff in E-Business Environments: An International Perspective on Value Creation of E-Business in the Financial Services Industry

Zhu, Kevin, Kraemer, Kenneth L, Xu, Sean, and Dedrick, Jason

Reexamining the Value Relevance of E-Commerce Initiatives

Dehning, Bruce, Richardson, Vernon J, Urbaczewski, Andrew, and Wells, John D

Measuring Firm Performance at the Network Level: A Nomology of the Business Impact of Digital Supply Networks

Straub, Detmar W, Rai, Arun, and Klein, Richard

Understanding Determinants of Online Consumer Satisfaction: A Decision Process Perspective

Kohli, Rajiv, Devaraj, Sarv, and Mahmood, M Adam

Proprietary and Open Systems Adoption in E-Procurement: A Risk-Augmented Transaction Cost Perspective

Kauffman, Robert J and Mohtadi, Hamid

The Complementarity of Information Technology Infrastructure and E-Commerce Capability: A Resource-Based Assessment of Their Business Value

Zhu, Kevin

Stopping Behavior of Systems Analysts During Information Requirements Elicitation

Pitts, Mitzi G and Browne, Glenn J

The Meaning and Measurement of User Satisfaction: A Multigroup Invariance Analysis of the End-User Computing Satisfaction Instrument

Doll, William J, Xiaodong, Deng, Raghunathan, T S, Torkzadeh, Gholamreza, and Weidong, Xia

What Makes an ERP Implementation Relationship Worthwhile: Linking Trust Mechanisms and ERP Usefulness

Gefen, David

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