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Editorial Introduction

Zwass, Vladimir

Value Chain Linkages and the Spillover Effects of Strategic Information Technology Alignment: A Process-Level View

Tallon, Paul P

Path Dependence of Dynamic Information Technology Capability: An Empirical Investigation

Lim, Jee-Hae, Stratopoulos, Theophanis C, and Wirjanto, Tony S

Service Quality in Software-as-a-Service: Developing the SaaS-Qual Measure and Examining Its Role in Usage Continuance

Benlian, Alexander, Koufaris, Marios, and Hess, Thomas

A Benchmarking Model for Management of Knowledge-Intensive Service Delivery Networks

Dong, Su, Johar, Monica S, and Kumar, Ram L

Value of Information Integration to Supply Chain Management: Roles of Internal and External Contingencies

Wong, Christina W Y, Lai, Kee-hung, and Cheng, T C E

The Influence of Individual, Contextual, and Social Factors on Perceived Behavioral Control of Information Technology: A Field Theory Approach

Elie-Dit-Cosaque, Christophe, Pallud, Jessie, and Kalika, Michel

Seller Strategies for Differentiation in Highly Competitive Online Auction Markets

Bockstedt, Jesse and Goh, Kim Huat

Usability Design and Psychological Ownership of a Virtual World

Lee, Younghwa and Chen, Andrew N K

Factors Affecting Bloggers' Knowledge Sharing: An Investigation Across Gender

Chai, Sangmi, Das, Sanjukta, and Rao, H Raghav

Same Coin, Different Sides: Differential Impact of Social Learning on Two Facets of Music Piracy

Wang, Jingguo, Yang, Zhiyong, and Bhattacharjee, Sudip

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