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Special Section: Information Technology and IT Organizational Impact

Nunamaker Jr, Jay F and Sprague Jr, Ralph H

GANNET: A Machine Learning Approach to Document Retrieval

Hsinchun, Chen and Jinwoo, Kim

Technological Support for Group Process Modeling

Dean, Douglas L, Lee, James D, Orwig, Richard E, and Vogel, Douglas R

Understanding Runaway Information Technology Projects: Results from an International Research Program Based on Escalation Theory

Keil, Mark, Mixon, Richard, Saarinen, Timo, and Tuunainen, Virpi

The Structuring of Creative Processes using GSS: A Framework for Research

Nagasundaram, Murli and Bostrom, Robert P

Politics and the Function of Power in a Case Study of IT Implementation

Levine, Harold G and Rossmoore, Don

Using Group Support Systems to Improve the New Zealand Economy Part II: Followup Results

Sheffield, Jim and Gallupe, R Brent

Expert Systems and Multimedia: Examining the Potential for Integration

Fuerst, William L, Ragusa, James M, and Turban, Efraim

An Examination of Gender Effects on Career Success of Information Systems Employees

Baroudi, Jack J and Igbaria, Magid

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