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Editorial Introduction

Zwass, Vladimir

The Complementary Effects of E-Markets on Existing Supplier--Buyer Relationships in a Supply Chain

Xia, Mu and Xia, Nan

Auctioning Vertically Integrated Online Services: Computational Approaches for Real-Time Allocation

Bapna, Ravi, Goes, Paulo B, and Gupta, Alok

Trust and Electronic Government Success: An Empirical Study

Teo, Thompson S H, Srivastava, Shirish C, and Jiang, L I

Change Management in Interorganizational Systems for the Public

Sutanto, Juliana, Kankanhalli, Atreyi, Tay, Junyun, Raman, K S, and Tan, Bernard C Y

Individual Adaptation to IT-Induced Change: The Role of Social Networks

Bruque, Sebastián, Moyano, José, and Eisenberg, Jacob

Determinants of the Choice of Open Source Software License

Sen, Ravi, Subramaniam, Chandrasekar, and Nelson, Matthew L

The Impact of Open Source Software on the Strategic Choices of Firms Developing Proprietary Software

Jaisingh, Jeevan, See-To, Eric W K, and Tam, Kar Yan

Impact of Knowledge Support on the Performance of Software Process Tailoring

Xu, Peng and Ramesh, Balasubramaniam

Tuning Data Mining Methods for Cost-Sensitive Regression: A Study in Loan Charge-Off Forecasting

Bansal, Gaurav, Sinha, Atish P, and Zhao, Huimin

Investments in Information Security: A Real Options Perspective with Bayesian Postaudit

Herath, Hemantha S B and Herath, Tejaswini C

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