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Editorial Introduction

Zwass, Vladimir

Special Section: Data Mining

Chung, H Michael and Gray, Paul

MOTC: An Interactive Aid for Multidimensional Hypothesis Generation

Balachandran, Krishnamohan, Buzydlowski, Jan, Dworman, Garett, Kimbrough, Steven O, Shafer, Tate, and Vachula, William J

Choosing Data-Mining Methods for Multiple Classification: Representational and Performance Measurement Implications for Decision Support

Spangler, William E, May, Jerrold H, and Vargas, Luis G

Dynamics of Modeling in Data Mining: Interpretive Approach to Bankruptcy Prediction

Tae Kyung, Sung, Namsik, Chang, and Gunhee, Lee

Redesigning Computer-Supported Work Processes with Dual Information Systems: The Work Process Benchmarking Service

Käkölä, Timo K and Koota, Kalle I

Development Scenarios for Organizational Memory Information Systems

Wijnhoven, Fons

Exploring Differences in Employee Turnover Intentions and Its Determinants Among Telecommuters and Non-Telecommuters

Igbaria, Magid and Guimaraes, Tor

The Effect of Computer-Mediated Communication on Agreement and Acceptance

Kahai, Surinder S and Cooper, Randolph B

Expert, Linear Models, and Nonlinear Models of Expert Decision Making in Bankruptcy Prediction: A Lens Model Analysis

Choong Nyoung, Kim and McLeod Jr, Raymond

A Temporal Model of Institutional Interventions for Information Technology Adoption in Less-Developed Countries

Montealegre, Ramiro

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