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Special Section: Information Systems, Electronic Commerce, and Economics--The Interdisciplinary Research Frontier

Kauffman, Robert J and Bin, Wang

Justifying Contingent Information Technology Investments: Balancing the Need for Speed of Action with Certainty Before Action

Clemons, Eric K and Bin, G U

What Do You Know?: Rational Expectations in Information Technology Adoption and Investment

Au, Yoris A and Kauffman, Robert J

Codifiability, Relationship-Specific Information Technology Investment, and Optimal Contracting

Levi, Moti, Kleindorfer, Paul R, and Wu, D J

Consumers Prefer Bundled Add-Ins

Dewan, Rajiv M and Freimer, Marshall L

Contingency Pricing for Information Goods and Services Under Industrywide Performance Standard

Bhargava, Hemant K and Sundaresan, Shankar

Economic Implications of Variable Technology Standards for Movie Piracy in a Global Context

Chellappa, Ramnath K and Shivendu, Shivendu

A Taxonomy of Antecedents of Information Systems Success: Variable Analysis Studies

Larsen, Kai R T

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