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Editorial Introduction

Zwass, Vladimir

Special Section: Information Systems in Competitive Strategies: Offshoring, Risk Management, Strategic Pricing, E-Sourcing, and Standards

Kauffman, Robert J, Clemons, Eric K, and Dewan, Rajiv M

Offshore Outsourcing: A Dynamic Causal Model of Counteracting Forces

Dutta, Amitava and Roy, Rahul

Just Right Outsourcing: Understanding and Managing Risk

Aron, Ravi, Clemons, Eric K, and Reddi, Sashi

Beyond the Hype of Frictionless Markets: Evidence of Heterogeneity in Price Rigidity on the Internet

Bergen, Mark E, Kauffman, Robert J, and Lee, Dongwon

Effect of Electronic Secondary Markets on the Supply Chain

Ghose, Anindya, Telang, Rahul, and Krishnan, Ramayya

A Pricing Mechanism for Digital Content Distribution Over Computer Networks

Lang, Karl Reiner and Vragov, Roumen

Buyer's Efficient E-Sourcing Structure: Centralize or Decentralize?

Dai, Rui, Narasimhan, Sridhar, and Wu, D J

Information Technology Standards Choices and Industry Structure Outcomes: The Case of the U.S. Home Mortgage Industry

Wigand, Rolf T, Steinfield, Charles W, and Markus, M Lynne

Person-Job Cognitive Style Fit for Software Developers: The Effect on Strain and Performance

Chilton, Michael A, Hardgrave, Bill C, and Armstrong, Deborah J

The Effect of Communication Frequency and Channel Richness on the Convergence Between Chief Executive and Chief Information Officers

Johnson, Alice M and Lederer, Albert L

Types of Information Technology Capabilities and Their Role in Competitive Advantage: An Empirical Study

Bhatt, Ganesh D and Grover, Varun

Information Technology as an Enabler of Growth in Firms: An Empirical Assessment

Mitra, Sabyasachi

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