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Editorial Introduction

Zwass, Vladimir

Leadership Effectiveness in Global Virtual Teams

Kayworth, Timothy R and Leidner, Dorothy E

A Contingency Approach to Software Project Coordination

Andres, Hayward P and Zmud, Robert W

Relationships Between Job Skills and Performance: A Study of Webmasters

Wade, Michael R and Parent, Michael

Determinants of User Acceptance of Digital Libraries: An Empirical Examination of Individual Differences and System Characteristics

Weiyin, Hong, Thong, James Y L, Wai-Man, Wong, and Kar Yan, Tam

Critical Factors for Assimilation of Object-Oriented Programming Languages

Ihlsoon, C H O and Young-Gul, K I M

Dynamic Work Distribution in Workflow Management Systems: How to Balance Quality and Performance

Kumar, Akhil, Van Der Aalst, Wil M P, and Verbeek, Eric M W

An Approach to Distribution of Object-Oriented Applications in Loosely Coupled Networks

Purao, Sandeep, Jain, Hemant K, and Nazareth, Derek L

Investigating the Moderators of the Group Support Systems Use with Meta-Analysis

Dennis, Alan R and Wixom, Barbara H

The Effects of Decision Guidance and Problem Modeling on Group Decision-Making

Barkhi, Reza

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