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Editorial Introduction

Zwass, Vladimir

Bureaucratizing the Clan: Impact of Technology Affordances on Control

Sesay, Abdul, Ramirez, Ronald, Boudreau, Marie-Claude, and Kane, Gerald C

Discovery of Technological Innovation Systems: Implications for Predicting Future Innovation

Yoon, Junho, Pant, Gautam, and Pant, Shagun

Impact of Project Updates and Their Social Endorsement in Online Medical Crowdfunding

Wu, Yi, Ye, Hua (Jonathan), Jensen, Matthew L, and Liu, Linwei

Social Ties among Fundraisers and Crowdfunding Performance: The Impact of Tie Strength and Network Closure

Kao, Ta-Wei (Daniel), Zhang, Li, Shao, Benjamin B M, and Choi, Thomas Y

Taking the Chat out of Chatbot? Collecting User Reviews with Chatbots and Web Forms

Sachdeva, Agrim, Kim, Antino, and Dennis, Alan R

The Effects of Sentiment Evolution in Financial Texts: A Word Embedding Approach

Zheng, Jiexin, Ng, Ka Chung, Zheng, Rong, and Tam, Kar Yan

Dark Clouds on the Horizon? Effects of Cloud Storage on Security Breaches

Li, He, Kettinger, William J, and Yoo, Sungjin

Improving Threat Mitigation Through a Cybersecurity Risk Management Framework: A Computational Design Science Approach

Ampel, Benjamin M, Samtani, Sagar, Zhu, Hongyi, Chen, Hsinchun, and Nunamaker, Jay F

Governance and Longevity of Architecturally Embedded Applications

Akbari, Karl, Fürstenau, Daniel, and Winkler, Till J

The Impact of Social Comparison on Turnover Among Information Technology Professionals

Wiesche, Manuel, Pflügler, Christoph, and Thatcher, Jason Bennett

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