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Editorial Introduction

Zwass, Vladimir

Impact of an Enterprise System Implementation on Job Outcomes: Challenging the Linearity Assumption

Venkatesh, Viswanath and Goyal, Sandeep

Do Computers Reduce the Value of Worker Persistence?

Brynjolfsson, Erik, Liu, Meng, and Westerman, George

Location-Based Mobile Gaming and Local Depression Trends: A Study of Pokémon Go

Cheng, Zhi (Aaron), Greenwood, Brad N, and Pavlou, Paul A

The Power of Introverts: Personality and Intelligence in Virtual Teams

Dennis, Alexander S, Barlow, Jordan B, and Dennis, Alan R

The Effects of Information Nudges on Consumer Usage of Digital Services under Three-Part Tariffs

Xiao, Ping, Chen, Yuanyuan, Bharadwaj, Anandhi, and Bao, Weining

Platform Policies and Sellers’ Competition in Agency Selling in the Presence of Online Quality Misrepresentation

Pu, Jingchuan, Nian, Tingting, Qiu, Liangfei, and Cheng, Hsing Kenneth

Repeated IT Interruption: Habituation and Sensitization of User Responses

Weinert, Christoph, Maier, Christian, Laumer, Sven, and Weitzel, Tim

Effects of Online Crowds on Self-Disclosure Behaviors in Online Reviews: A Multidimensional Examination

Choi, HanByeol Stella, Oh, Wonseok, Kwak, Chanhee, Lee, Junyeong, and Lee, Heeseok

Do Social Dominance-Based Faultlines Help or Hurt Team Performance in Crowdsourcing Tournaments?

Cao, Fang, Wang, Weiquan, Lim, Eric, Liu, Xinmei, and Tan, Chee-Wee

Deriving Execution Effectiveness of Crowdfunding Projects from the Fundraiser Network

Kao, Ta-Wei (Daniel), Hsiao, Shih-Hui (Steven), Su, Hung-Chung, and Ku, Chih-Hao (Justin)

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