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Editorial Introduction

Zwass, Vladimir

Special Section: Improving New Digital Market Mechanisms

Kauffman, Robert J and Weber, Thomas A

Does Active Service Intervention Drive More Complaints on Social Media? The Roles of Service Quality and Awareness

Sun, Shujing, Gao, Yang, and Rui, Huaxia

Sustainability of Rewards-Based Crowdfunding: A Quasi-Experimental Analysis of Funding Targets and Backer Satisfaction

Wessel, Michael, Gleasure, Rob, and Kauffman, Robert J

Impact of Competition on Innovations of IT Industry: An Empirical Investigation

Chen, Tao, Kenneth Cheng, Hsing, (Jimmy) Jin, Yong, Li, Shengli, and Qiu, Liangfei

Competitive Brokerage: How Information Management Capability And Collaboration Networks Act As Substitutes

Andrade-Rojas, Mariana Giovanna, Kathuria, Abhishek, and Konsynski, Benn R

Detecting Noncompliant Behavior in Organizations: How Online Survey Responses and Behaviors Reveal Risk

Jenkins, Jeffrey L, Valacich, Joseph S, Zimbelman, Aaron F, and Zimbelman, Mark F

Protecting Against Threats to Information Security: An Attitudinal Ambivalence Perspective

Ng, Ka Chung, Zhang, Xiaojun, Thong, James Y L, and Tam, Kar Yan

The Value of the Structural Power of the Chief Information Officer in Enhancing Forward-Looking Firm Performance*

Feng, Cong, Patel, Pankaj C, and Fay, Scott

Designing Online Virtual Advisors to Encourage Customer Self-disclosure: A Theoretical Model and an Empirical Test

Al-Natour, Sameh, Benbasat, Izak, and Cenfetelli, Ron

The Comparative Performance of Online Referral Channels in E-Commerce

Duan, Wenjing and Zhang, Jie

The Relationship Between Online Referral Marketing and Price Promotion: Evidence from a Large E-Commerce Platform

Cao, Zike, Chu, Junhong, Hui, Kai-Lung, and Xu, Hong

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