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Editorial Introduction

Zwass, Vladimir

Special Section: The Economics of Sharing and Information Security

Kauffman, Robert J and Weber, Thomas A

Drivers of Supplier Participation in Ride-Hailing Platforms

Hong, Soo Jeong, Bauer, Johannes M, Lee, Kwangjin, and Granados, Nelson F

How to Market Smart Products: Design and Pricing for Sharing Markets

Weber, Thomas A

Understanding Security Vulnerability Awareness, Firm Incentives, and ICT Development in Pan-Asia

Zhuang, Yunhui, Choi, Yunsik, He, Shu, Leung, Alvin Chung Man, Lee, Gene Moo, and Whinston, Andrew

Semi-Supervised Cyber Threat Identification in Dark Net Markets: A Transductive and Deep Learning Approach

Ebrahimi, Mohammadreza, Nunamaker, Jay F, and Chen, Hsinchun

The Effectiveness of Abstract Versus Concrete Fear Appeals in Information Security

Schuetz, Sebastian W, Benjamin Lowry, Paul, Pienta, Daniel A, and Bennett Thatcher, Jason

Centralized IT Decision Making and Cybersecurity Breaches: Evidence from U.S. Higher Education Institutions

Liu, Che-Wei, Huang, Peng, and Lucas, Henry C

The Relative Effect of the Convergence of Product Recommendations from Various Online Sources

Xu, Jingjun (David), Benbasat, Izak, and Cenfetelli, Ronald T

Ambivalence and Coping Responses in Post-Adoptive Information Systems Use

Qahri-Saremi, Hamed and Turel, Ofir

Design Principles for Signal Detection in Modern Job Application Systems: Identifying Fabricated Qualifications

Twyman, Nathan W, Pentland, Steven J, and Spitzley, Lee

The impact of chatbot conversational skill on engagement and perceived humanness

Schuetzler, Ryan M, Grimes, G Mark, and Scott Giboney, Justin

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