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Editorial Introduction

Zwass, Vladimir

Special Issue: Immersive Systems

Cavusoglu, Huseyin, Dennis, Alan R, and Parsons, Jeffrey

Framework of Affordances for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Steffen, Jacob H, Gaskin, James E, Meservy, Thomas O, Jenkins, Jeffrey L, and Wolman, Iopa

Social Influence and Monetization of Freemium Social Games

Fang, Bin, Zheng, Zhiqiang (Eric), Ye, Qiang, and Goes, Paulo B

Shopping in Virtual Reality Stores: The Influence of Immersion on System Adoption

Peukert, Christian, Pfeiffer, Jella, Mei├čner, Martin, Pfeiffer, Thies, and Weinhardt, Christof

Try It On! Contingency Effects of Virtual Fitting Rooms

Yang, Shuai and Xiong, Guiyang

Touching Products Virtually: Facilitating Consumer Mental Imagery with Gesture Control and Visual Presentation

Liu, Yang (Alison), Jiang, Zhenhui (Jack), and Chan, Hock Chuan

Benefits of IT-Enabled Flexibilities for Foreign versus Local Firms in Emerging Economies

Khuntia, Jiban, Kathuria, Abhishek, Saldanha, Terence JV, and Konsynski, Benn R

Generating Business Intelligence Through Social Media Analytics: Measuring Brand Personality with Consumer-, Employee-, and Firm-Generated Content

Hu, Yuheng, Xu, Anbang, Hong, Yili, Gal, David, Sinha, Vibha, and Akkiraju, Rama

Combating Fake News on Social Media with Source Ratings: The Effects of User and Expert Reputation Ratings

Kim, Antino, Moravec, Patricia L, and Dennis, Alan R

Factors Affecting the Adoption of an Electronic Word of Mouth Message: A Meta-Analysis

Qahri-Saremi, Hamed and Montazemi, Ali Reza

An Economic Analysis of Platform Protection in the Presence of Content Substitutability

Nan, Guofang, Yao, Lina, Ho, Yi-Chun (Chad), Li, Zhiyong, and Li, Minqiang

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