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Editorial Introduction

Zwass, Vladimir

Effect of Friends’ Churn on Consumer Behavior in Mobile Networks

Ferreira, Pedro, Telang, Rahul, and De Matos, Miguel Godinho

Monetary Incentive and Stock Opinions on Social Media

Chen, Hailiang, Hu, Yu Jeffrey, and Huang, Shan

Digital Borders, Location Recognition, and Experience Attribution within a Digital Geography

Dunn, Brian Kimball, Ramasubbu, Narayan, Galletta, Dennis F, and Lowry, Paul Benjamin

Acting Like Humans? Anthropomorphism and Consumer’s Willingness to Pay in Electronic Commerce

Yuan, Lingyao (Ivy) and Dennis, Alan R

Quality Assessment of Peer-Produced Content in Knowledge Repositories using Development and Coordination Activities

Velichety, Srikar, Ram, Sudha, and Bockstedt, Jesse

Mobile Time-Based Targeting: Matching Product-Value Appeal to Time of Day

Phang, Chee Wei, Luo, Xueming, and Fang, Zheng

Threshold Effects on Backer Motivations in Reward-Based Crowdfunding

Li, Gen and Wang, Jing

Cyberbullying on Social Networking Sites: The Crime Opportunity and Affordance Perspectives

Chan, Tommy K H, Cheung, Christy M K, and Wong, Randy Y M

Social Influence on Future Review Sentiments: An Appraisal-Theoretic View

Jha, Ashish Kumar and Shah, Snehal

Effectiveness of IT Service Management Capability: Value Co-Creation and Value Facilitation Mechanisms

Winkler, Till J and Wulf, Jochen

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