Journal of Management Information Systems (JMIS) is a top-tier scholarly journal aiming to advance the understanding and practice of information systems.

JMIS is published quarterly by Taylor & Francis.

Editorial Introduction

Zwass, Vladimir

How the Use of Big Data Analytics Affects Value Creation in Supply Chain Management

Chen, Daniel Q, Preston, David S, and Swink, Morgan

Platform Desertion by App Developers

Tiwana, Amrit

Two Formulas for Success in Social Media: Learning and Network Effects

Qiu, Liangfei, Tang, Qian, and Whinston, Andrew B

Thumbs Up, Sales Up? The Contingent Effect of Facebook Likes on Sales Performance in Social Commerce

Lee, Kyunghee, Lee, Byungtae, and Oh, Wonseok

A Multilevel Approach to Examine Employees’ Loyal Use of ERP Systems in Organizations

Yen, HsiuJu Rebecca, Hu, Paul Jen-Hwa, Hsu, Sheila Hsuan-Yu, and Li, Eldon Y

The Impact of Organizational Commitment on Insiders’ Motivation to Protect Organizational Information Assets

Posey, Clay, Roberts, Tom L, and Lowry, Paul Benjamin

Robustness of Multiple Indicators in Automated Screening Systems for Deception Detection

Twyman, Nathan W, Proudfoot, Jeffrey Gainer, Schuetzler, Ryan M, Elkins, Aaron C, and Derrick, Douglas C

The Paradoxes of Word of Mouth in Electronic Commerce

Lin, Zhijie and Heng, Cheng-Suang

Corporate Blogging and Job Performance: Effects of Work-related and Nonwork-related Participation

Lu, Benjiang, Guo, Xunhua, Luo, Nianlong, and Chen, Guoqing

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