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Editorial Introduction

Zwass, Vladimir

Special Section: Online Coordination and Interaction

Briggs, Robert O, Nunamaker Jr, Jay F, and Sprague Jr, Ralph H

Risk Management of Contract Portfolios in IT Services: The Profit-at-Risk Approach

Kauffman, Robert J and Sougstad, Ryan

Stylometric Identification in Electronic Markets: Scalability and Robustness

Abbasi, Ahmed, Hsinchun, Chen, and Nunamaker Jr, Jay F

Mining Trading Partners' Preferences for Efficient Multi-Issue Bargaining in E-Business

Lau, Raymond Y K, On, Wong, Yuefeng, Li, and Ma, Louis C K

Multiple Group Coordination in Complex and Dynamic Task Environments: Interruptions, Coping Mechanisms, and Technology Recommendations

Ren, Yuqing, Kiesler, Sara, and Fussell, Susan R

Factors in the Global Assimilation of Collaborative Information Technologies: An Exploratory Investigation in Five Regions

Bajwa, Deepinder S, Lewis, L Floyd, Pervan, Graham, Lai, Vincent S, Munkvold, Bjørn E, and Schwabe, Gerhard

Manufacturers' Distribution Strategy in the Presence of the Electronic Channel

Dazhong, Wu, Ray, Gautam, and Whinston, Andrew B

An Economic Analysis of Policies for the Protection and Reuse of Noncopyrightable Database Contents

Hongwei, Zhu, Madnick, Stuart E, and Siegel, Michael D

Effect of Network Relations on the Adoption of Electronic Trading Systems

Montazemi, Ali R, Siam, John J, and Esfahanipour, Akbar

How Endogenous Motivations Influence User Intentions: Beyond the Dichotomy of Extrinsic and Intrinsic User Motivations

Malhotra, Yogesh, Galletta, Dennis F, and Kirsch, Laurie J

The Role of User Participation in Information Systems Development: Implications from a Meta-Analysis

Jun, He and King, William R

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