Journal of Management Information Systems

Volume 1 Number 2 1984 pp. 45-63

Information Systems Planning and Development: Strategic Postures and Methodologies

Kottemann, Jeffrey E and Konsynski, Benn R

ABSTRACT: Two complementary issues emerge in development and implementation of a comprehensive IS plan--the determination of the IS functions's strategic posture and the choice of appropriate IS planning and development methodologies. Frameworks for addressing both issues are presented. IS strategic postures vary along several dimensions, including the level and scope of the system view as well as the degree of participation of the IS function in overall organizational planning. Current IS planning methodologies differ in: components of the organization used as planning pivots, assumptions indicating perceived stability of components, and IS objectives reflected in the methodology. Those assumptions and objectives implicit in a methodology dictate their suitability for given strategic postures. A contingency framework is used in examining selected IS planning and development methodologies.

Key words and phrases: strategic planning, information systems planning, information systems integration, information systems for competitive advantage