Journal of Management Information Systems (JMIS) is a top-tier scholarly journal aiming to advance the understanding and practice of information systems.

JMIS is published quarterly by Taylor & Francis.

Editorial Introduction

Zwass, Vladimir

Special Section: Strategic and Competitive Information Systems

Clemons, Eric K and Row, Michael C

Identifying Sources of Reengineering Failures: A Study of the Behavioral Factors Contributing to Reengineering Risks

Clemons, Eric K, Row, Michael C, and Thatcher, Matt E

Capturing Flexibility of Information Technology Infrastructure: A Study of Resource Characteristics and their Measure

Duncan, Nancy Bogucki

Computer Integrated Manufacturing: Empirical Implications for Industrial Information Systems

Johansen, John, Karmarkar, Uday S, Nanda, Dhananjay, and Seidmann, Abraham

The Keys to Executive Information System Success

Rainer Jr, R Kelly and Watson, Hugh J

Executive Support Systems and Learning: A Model and Empirical Test

Vandenbosch, Betty and Higgins, Christopher A

Management of Information Systems Outsourcing: A Bidding Perspective

Chaudhury, A, Nam, Kichan, and Rao, H Raghav

A Modeling Approach to Evaluating Strategic Uses of Information Technology

Post, Gerald V, Kagan, Albert, and Kin-Nam, Lau

An Empirical Study of the Relationships among End-User Information Systems Acceptance, Training, and Effectiveness

Lee, Sang M, Kim, Yeong R, and Lee, Jaejung

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