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Editorial Introduction

Zwass, Vladimir

Special Section: Creating Value with Information

Briggs, Robert O and Nunamaker Jr, Jay F

Two Rule-Based Natural Language Strategies for Requirements Discovery and Classification in Open Source Software Development Projects

Vlas, Radu E and Robinson, William N

Supporting Agile Organizations with a Decision Guidance Query Language

Brodsky, Alexander, Egge, Nathan E, and Wang, X Sean

Understanding Technology Support for Organizational Transactive Memory: Requirements, Application, and Customization

Nevo, Dorit, Benbasat, Izak, and Wand, Yair

Theory-Informed Design and Evaluation of an Advanced Search and Knowledge Mapping System in Nanotechnology

Dang, Yan, Zhang, Yulei, Chen, Hsinchun, Brown, Susan A, Hu, Paul Jen-Hwa, and Nunamaker Jr, Jay F

Facilitation Roles and Responsibilities for Sustained Collaboration Support in Organizations

Kolfschoten, Gwendolyn L, Niederman, Fred, Briggs, Robert O, and De Vreede, Gert-Jan

Going Concerns: The Governance of Interorganizational Coordination Hubs

Markus, M Lynne and Bui, Quang Neo

Effect of Information Feedback on the Outcomes and Dynamics of Multisourcing Multiattribute Procurement Auctions

Adomavicius, Gediminas, Gupta, Alok, and Sanyal, Pallab

Leveraging Information Technology Infrastructure to Facilitate a Firm's Customer Agility and Competitive Activity: An Empirical Investigation

Roberts, Nicholas and Grover, Varun

Methodology Mashups: An Exploration of Processes Used to Maintain Software

Edberg, Dana T, Ivanova, Polina, and Kuechler, William

Patch Release Behaviors of Software Vendors in Response to Vulnerabilities: An Empirical Analysis

Temizkan, Orcun, Kumar, Ram L, Park, Sungjune, and Subramaniam, Chandrasekar

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