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From the Editor-in-Chief

Zwass, Vladimir

Special Issue: Database Management

Adam, Nabil R

Issues in the Design of a Distributed Testbed for Multimedia Information Systems (MINOS)

Christodoulakis, Stavros and Velissaroupoulos, Theodora

Assessing Data Reliability in an Information System

Agmon, Nachman and Ahituv, Niv

On the Interdependencies between Record Structure and Access Path Design

March, Salvatore T and Carlis, John V

Improvements in Database Concurrency Control with Locking

Croker, Albert

Transaction Processing and Consistency Control of Replicated Copies during Failures in Distributed Databases

Bhargava, Bharat

A Performance Comparison of Optimistic versus Conservative Strategies during Partition Failures in Distributed Databases

Davison, Susan B and Winkler, Mark M

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